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The Hall Speaks #fallsemester Chloe Leigh Corin

The Hall Speaks #fallsemester

Chloe Leigh Corin

Kindle Edition
506 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Landon’s new life should erase his past—a past too shameful to mention. He’s found safety and a home in the most unlikely place. Residence Life.Dedicating his days and nights to helping students does a little more than keep him out of trouble. Now, he has a reason to work hard, to laugh, to care. Everyone on campus knows Landon, and not just because he’s a talented young professional.Girls act weird around him. Their grins grow wider and words stumble out of their mouths if he looks at them. But his interest in relationships couldn’t be lower. He’s been girl-free for years, and has to keep it that way.He can almost smell fall approaching as the semester begins. And with his nine resident assistants (RAs) in place, he’s feeling ready for anything…except her.He’s falling hard for Alana, one of his student-staff. His girl-free plan shredded when they talk. Given in to this attraction would ruin his world. But living down the hallway from her could blur the boundary-lines to oblivion. If only he could tell Alana how he feels without looking like one of those creepy dateline guys.At least his job serves as a necessary distraction from his heart.A resident that overdoses on laced shrooms, sparks rumors that there’s a campus drug ring in the hall. Then, a loner student lurks around—refusing to speak, may be the biggest threat of all. Landon and his staff will have to use more than the ResLife manual to get through fall semester.*This new adult contemporary drama follows the lives of nine RAs and their supervisor Landon. Filled with all the adventure found living in a freshmen residence hall, inspired by real RAs and professionals. **