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Barnes & Noble Living Well Collection Gena Kenny

Barnes & Noble Living Well Collection

Gena Kenny

Published November 15th 2010
ISBN : 9781616836351
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Taking care of yourself doesnt have to be expensive. With the Living Well Collection, youll get everything you need to treat your body to a wonderful world of relaxation. Learn about Hatha-style yoga, reflexology, and hot stone massage—all for under $30! The Living Well Collection includes: The Gift of Yoga by Gena KennyTotal Reflexology by Kevin and Barbara KunzHot Stone Massage by Alison TrulockThe ancient yogis started practicing yoga more than two thousand years ago. Benefit from centuries of wisdom in the comfort of your own home and join presenter and author Gena Kenny as she introduces you to the postures, breathing techniques, relaxation and meditation that makes up Hatha-style yoga. The Gift of Yoga includes: The Gift of Yoga, an 80-page full-color yoga book takes you through a full Hatha-style yoga program- and The Gift of Yoga DVD, in which Gena Kenny guides you through a gentle, yet challenging, Hatha-style yoga workout, as she demonstrates and explains each posture and its benefits.Whether youd like to improve your health or simply relax, Kevin and Barbara Kunz are here to help. Using innovative reflexology techniques developed over the course of more than twenty-five years of research and practice, Kevin and Barbara take you step-by-step through the various techniques and uses of reflexology, the practice of tapping into the bodys natural healing power by applying pressure to areas on the feet and hands. This easy-to-use guide will teach you how to relax and rejuvenate your feet, hands, and body using the foot roller, reflex ball, and manual techniques- work reflexology into your daily life for overall better health- pinpoint the areas that will help such conditions as allergies, headache, insomnia, cramps, asthma, anxiety- and figure out which reflexology techniques are best for you. The Total Reflexology kit contains everything you need to unlock the healing power of your body: a comprehensive 192-page book covering each technique- a quick-reference laminated chart- an easy-to-use foot roller and reflex ball- and gloves and socks to help you pinpoint reflexology areas on your hands and feet.More than simply a pampering spa treatment, a massage can help relieve stress, while leaving you feeling rejuvenated and ready for anything. Learn how to use flat stones that are heated in water as part of a truly unique massage. The heat and weight of the 14 enclosed stones physically and mentally focus the body, allowing the recipient to be more present and receptive. The beautifully photographed Hot Stone Massage book includes advice on getting started, directions for two sample massages- information on using aromatherapy during a session, descriptions of basic massage techniques, and a list of essential oils and their healing properties.