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Alien Takeover Jeff B. Skinner

Alien Takeover

Jeff B. Skinner

Published October 21st 2010
ISBN : 9781453894293
178 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Eddie Haden has been hired by the world government to work with a secret military division who has been communicating with an alien race stranded in our solar system. The aliens are not happy with the government and have developed a weapon for extermination. Eddies old employer Ferb Stilts and his mutant son are about to get even with the government for the loss of their business. Meanwhile, Frosow, the aliens first officer, has adverse plans to become the worlds leader. Through a mindportation apparatus, Eddie confronts a problem as he tries to get to their ship. He finds himself on a mission where his partners Samantha and Bofot (a Heidelbergensis clone) discover the truth. Buried deep in the ground lays a secret that could kill billions.