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Full Moon on the Reservation Gloria Bird

Full Moon on the Reservation

Gloria Bird

Published January 1st 1993
ISBN : 9780912678863
72 pages
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 About the Book 

Poetry. American Indian Studies. FULL MOON ON THE RESERVATION is a collection of poetry by Gloria Bird, a North American Native Authors First Book Award Winner: In Gloria Birds auspicious first collection, present and past, personal and communal, coalesce to form a story simultaneously present and stretching back in time. Each poem is a making, a hard won moment of change which reclaims the self that is the story. The result is a poetry both grounded and in flux, a poetry of unblunted edge and great beauty. Stunning in the fleet recognition, never static, always changing, Gloria Birds poems observe both the survival and rebirth of her story rendered by that very sense as she says of the mountain Loowit rearranging her molecules into something else-then change -Maxine Scates.